Board of Directors

In alphabetical order, except for Chair

Åse Aulie Michelet
Chair of the board
Michelet was appointed Chair of the Board of SpinChip Diagnostics AS in December 2015. Michelet has a long experience from the pharmaceutical industry; Nycomed, Amersham and GE Healthcare. She has held leading positions in these companies within R&D, marketing and manufacturing. Michelet has also been CEO in Marine Harvest ASA (now Mowi ASA) and Teres Medical Group AS. She has held many board positions in Norwegian industrial companies and currently chair the board of CSAM Health Group AS and BI Norwegian Business School. She is a board member in Odfjell SE. Michelet has her education from ETH in Zurich and is Cand. pharm. from the University of Oslo.
Ane Tolnes Haugdal
Board member
Haugdal is an associate at the investment team at Investinor AS, an investment company owned by the Norwegian government. In Investinor Haugdal works with companies within the health sector, including biotech and MedTech. She also works with some of Investinors portfolio companies within the digital platform space. Haugdal holds a master’s degree in business administration and economics from the Norwegian school of economics and is currently in the process of finishing a PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Haugdal joined the board of SpinChip in 2023.
Ann-Tove Kongsnes
Board member
Kongsnes is Deputy/Investment Director at Investinor AS. During her 20-year career, Kongsnes has obtained extensive experience in venture capital investments in health and technology enterprises. She has also worked with M&A, IPOs and technology company exits. She currently focuses primarily on new investments and on Investinor’s portfolio companies within the health sector, including biotechs, pharmas, medtech and digital health enterprises. She also works with some of our semiconductor/deep tech companies and sits on the Boards of both listed and private companies. Kongsnes holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the former Bodø Graduate School of Business (HiB), and has completed the Advanced Program in Corporate Finance at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She joined the Board of SpinChip in 2015.
Kristian Huseby
Board member
Huseby is an Investment Director at Kistefos, a private investment company wholly-owned by Christen Sveaas. Huseby is responsible for Kistefos’ portfolio investments in healthcare and e-health. He has a master’s degree in business administration and economics from Norwegian School of Economics. Huseby is currently the chairman of the board of the e-health company Diffia AS and Bygr/YG Technologies AS and a board member of Hjemmelegene AS and Lumarine AS. He joined the Board of SpinChip in 2021.
Kristian Ikast
Board member
Ikast has two decades of executive international experience. With leadership experience from close to 50 different countries and more than 5 years of experience as board chair/member for both listed and non-listed companies. Experience from IPO, several M&As, turnarounds and scaling process both national and international. His current role as the Chief Executive Officer of Codelab Capital (former PatientSky Group) brings vast experience in eHealth into the Board of SpinChip. He joined the Board of SpinChip in 2023.
Ove Öhman
Board member
Öhman was nominated to the board of SpinChip in the fall 2015. Öhman has founded or co-founded several companies such as Åmic AB, Fiomi Diagnostics AB, Sigolis AB, Ginolis Oy and Astrego Diagnostics AB. He acts today in several boards but also work with technical development in small startups. He has master degree in Applied Physics and received the Polhem Prize 2003. He was called as honorary doctor at Uppsala University 2005. Öhman is a board member of Astrego Diagnostics AB, Meje AB, Moleculent AB and Rarity Biosciences AB.
Raffael Frei
Board member
Newly appointed to the Board of SpinChip in the spring of 2023, Frei has more than 25 years of experience in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics during which time he has contributed to successfully launching new IVD platforms into the European market. After graduating from the University of Johannesburg as a Biomedical Technologist, Frei has gathered vast experience working in several hospital laboratories and Diagnostic companies in a number of positions including Application Specialist, Product and Sales Manager. Frei is currently a Member of the Executive Board and Business Unit Head of the hospital division at Axon Lab AG.
Svein Lien
Board member
Lien holds a Master of Science degree in business (Siviløkonom) from the Norwegian School of Management, BI, and has wide experience. From 1990 to 1993, he was a Director of Teknoinvest, a Norwegian venture company. From 1993 he was appointed President of Axis Biochemicals ASA. He became Joint Managing Director of Axis-Shield plc when Axis Biochemicals ASA merged with Shield Diagnostics Group plc in May 1999 and was later appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Group.  He stepped down from this role at year end 2007 and became Partner in Cubera Private Equity from spring 2008 until autumn 2009.  He then spent time building up his own consultancy and advisory business before taking over as CEO of Biotec Pharmacon ASA from March 2010 to end 2017. Since then he has spent time consultancy e.g. lately as working Chairman and Managing Director at Havyard Ship Technologies when it went through a successful Compulsory Composition. Lien has been involved in a number of other hightech companies mostly in life science and still holds a few Board positions. He joined the Board of SpinChip in 2020.