Management Team

Morten Jurs
Jurs has more than 30 years’ leadership experience from senior positions across public and private pharmaceutical and healthcare, technology, and IT companies. Jurs’ experience lies in the understanding of markets, strategic growth, business development, and financial administration. Jurs joined SpinChip in 2021.
Stig Morten Borch

Borch is the inventor of the SpinChip concept and has been leading the development of the SpinChip platform since 2008, first within SINTEF and later within SpinChip Diagnostics.

Hamed Brodersen

+25 years of management experience within large public companies and risk capital owned private companies. Brodersen joined SpinChip in 2021.

Alexis Garras

+25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry from senior positions. Garras joined SpinChip in 2021.

Monica Weiseth

+20 years experience in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs within IVD, Medical Devices and Lab. Weiseth joined SpinChip in 2021.

Rolf Jahren
SVP Instrument Development

+20 years of experience with design of products manufactured in high volume for demanding and professional customers. Jahren joined SpinChip in 2015.

Didrik Paus
SVP Assay Development

+15 years of experience covering a wide range of immunoassays. Paus joined SpinChip in 2016.

Torgeir Hamsund

+25 years of experience within the medical device industry
Skilled in Medical Devices, Design Management, Manufacturing Scale-up and Management. Hamsund joined SpinChip in 2015.