This is SpinChip

Physicians and care teams need to receive results they can trust when taking clinical actions. We call this lab quality.

This is not enough. To improve the standard of care, accurate test results need to be available quickly and affordably. Every minute counts, especially in acute care.

SpinChip Diagnostics has developed a small desktop analyzer that can deliver the same high-sensitivity performance as the most advanced lab machines. The samples are prepared and processed in a small self-contained cartridge. From a droplet of blood. All within a few minutes, and with outstanding user-friendliness.

The platform is designed for scalability – to become the broadest testing platform in the POC market.

In sum, medical testing at or near the site of patient care has never been easier.

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The future starts

with a clear vision

Founder Stig Morten Borch has a long track record from the med-tech industry including leading the development of two highly successful blockbuster PoC IVD platforms: the NycoCard and the Afinion platforms.

Through dedication and perseverance, Stig Morten and the team at SpinChip have filled the platform with numerous innovations. For example, the analyzer has a unique dual axle centrifugation allowing microfluidics that in many aspects surpass the fluidic operations performed in advanced lab-machines. This is combined with uniqueness in reagents formulations, assaying and readout features.

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– It is meaningful to develop technology that saves lives and has a major impact on people’s health.

Stig Morten Borch, CSO

Powered by people

Stig Morten Borch and SpinChip are examples of how dedication, curiosity, teamwork, and solid partners give solid results. Since its founding in 2012, SpinChip has systematically built key competencies and technologies and is today a highly attractive company within the sector. As of October 2022, SpinChip stands out as a top-notch multidisciplinary team of 49 highly motivated, experienced, and skilled co-workers (8 PhDs), covering all the key competence fields for the further development and production of the Analyzer and new test cartridges.

Our values

We have developed a set of principles for how we work, collaborate, and interact.

Common company values contribute to better and faster goal achievement and a trusting and professional reputation.

The SpinChip all-in-one platform is recognized worldwide for being the superior PoC platform for lab-quality IVD testing performed next to the patient.

SpinChip will be a leading contributor to better and more efficient diagnoses. Early initiation of correct treatment will save lives, improve patient well-being and minimize the use of incorrect medications. Thus, correct and quick diagnoses will save costs for both public and private health organizations.

Business idea
SpinChip is developing and producing a leading All-in-One PoC platform with global reach. The HQ, the R&D organization and production are located in Norway.

SpinChip Diagnostics develops and delivers Point of Care (POC) platform for medical testing for immediate clinical decisions and actions. The company’s innovative technology enables faster, easier, and more reliable in vitro diagnostics (IVD) in POC settings, improving patient outcomes and health economics.

In the development, production and commercialization of the SpinChip IVD POC platform, consideration is given to minimizing harm inflicted on people, the environment, material values, and society at large.

By remaining loyal to the company's values, all employees will contribute to accomplishing the company's vision, mission and business idea. Together we will create a company we can be proud of and respected by others. Through our values, we will build a high-performance culture where we achieve our goals towards customers and partners, colleagues, owners, and public authorities.

SpinChip will operate cost-effectively and focus on future profitability. Efficient use of resources and profitability is a prerequisite for the company to fulfil its goals and obligations to owners, employees, suppliers, customers, and society at large.

SpinChip shall be managed and operated according to good corporate governance and, in such a way, that the company's shareholders achieve a competitive return on their invested capital.

SpinChip is committed to a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. We seek to hire competent employees, who treat colleagues with respect and contribute to open communication. There shall be no form of harassment or discrimination based on age, gender, disability, skin colour, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or religion. SpinChip shall be an inclusive and inspiring workplace with an inclusive working environment. SpinChip expects all employees to refrain from any action that would harm the company or the SpinChip brand.

SpinChip's goal is to deliver value to customers and patients. We will deliver products and services at the right time, with the right quality, and at the right price. We will focus on quality, competence, and efficiency and focus on being trustworthy and credible in customer interaction.

SpinChip's values shall also influence our behaviour towards our competitors. We will win in a competitive international market whilst operating in line with society's prevailing values and regulations.

SpinChip will focus on the efficient use of resources and especially non-renewable resources. Pollution should be avoided as far as possible, and we will develop contingency plans that reduce the consequences of potential accidents.

We will minimize our impact on the global environment.  

SpinChip's values shall inform our behaviour and actions towards all stakeholders. We shall take into account that our business may also have an impact on groups and individuals that are not in direct contact with our business. We shall therefore respect the different cultures in the countries where we do business, always according to our Code of Conduct.


We respect and support each other with honest and reliable feedback and information.


We develop a game-changing technology supported by solution-oriented employees and teams.


We support each other as individuals and teams in order to reach the best POC solutions in the marketplace.


We strive for results across the company and in every discipline of the value chain.


We adapt to market changes through a dynamic and focused organization.


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The SpinChip cartridge holds integrated both liquid and dried reagents. The microfluidic designs are specifically designed to process the sample ...
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– With the dedication of our highly competent and innovative employees, SpinChip has developed a Point of Care technology to be recognized worldwide as the superior platform in the market.

Morten Jurs, CEO