The SpinChip cartridge holds integrated both liquid and dried reagents. The microfluidic designs are specifically designed to process the sample and the reagents according to the assaying and readout principles used. These designs consist of a variety of microfluidic modules connected by channels in several layers within the cartridge.

Centrifugal force
When centrifugal force is applied to the cartridge, liquids (sample and reagents) will flow through available paths to the cavity within the cartridge that at any time is farthest from the center of the rotor disc. A variety of microfluidic actions are applied to the liquids by the act of controlled alterations of the cartridge orientation relative to the centrifugal force combined with unique designs of channels and cavities within the cartridge.

Liquid processing
Liquid processing includes dissolving dried reagents, mixing, splitting, exact metering, dispensing, flow through filters, stacking and dispersing of beads, flow through stacked columns of beads as well as centrifugal separation of plasma from blood cells and beads from any liquid.  

The various liquid processing modules are combined in designing the complete integrated assays in accordance with the specific requirements of the samples, the preferred analytical assaying sequence and specific readout features as desired. SpinChip has established state of the art rapid prototyping of cartridges in house.