Svein Lien

Board member

Lien holds a Master of Science degree in business (Siviløkonom) from the Norwegian School of Management, BI, and has wide experience. From 1990 to 1993, he was a Director of Teknoinvest, a Norwegian venture company. From 1993 he was appointed President of Axis Biochemicals ASA. He became Joint Managing Director of Axis-Shield plc when Axis Biochemicals ASA merged with Shield Diagnostics Group plc in May 1999 and was later appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Group.  He stepped down from this role at year end 2007 and became Partner in Cubera Private Equity from spring 2008 until autumn 2009.  He then spent time building up his own consultancy and advisory business before taking over as CEO of Biotec Pharmacon ASA from March 2010 to end 2017. Since then he has spent time consultancy e.g. lately as working Chairman and Managing Director at Havyard Ship Technologies when it went through a successful Compulsory Composition. Lien has been involved in a number of other hightech companies mostly in life science and still holds a few Board positions. He joined the Board of SpinChip in 2020.